Teachers Assistant Resume - what to put in your resume

In this article we look at what you should put in your teachers assistant / teachers aide resume, concentrating on the profile, achievements and experience sections. For further details of other sections required in your resume please see How to make a resume.

Teacher assistants / Teacher Aides usually work on a part-time basis. They are employed by schools, child care centres and other educational institutions to provide support for teachers and other educational professionals. The usual requirement is to work within a team of education professionals.

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Profile for a Teachers Assistant Resume

  • Mention the broad areas of work experience that are relevant to this job, such as previous teachers assistant work, voluntary work in the community, experience with young people and other experience in caring, supportive roles. Always state how many years' experience you have in the key areas.
  • As being a Teacher's Assistant involves working in a supportive role to a teaching team, state clearly on your resume that you would welcome the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to a team working for the benefit of young people.
  • Always mention that you combine the ability to take instruction and respond to supervision with the capacity to work independently on your own initiative with individual students or within the classroom.
  • Other qualities essential to this role should be mentioned on your resume. These include the ability to be responsible for the welfare of others, communication and interpersonal skills, and flexibility and adaptability when following instructions. Specify that you have the ability to relate to children, parents and teachers.
  • Convey why you are interested in making this career move. For instance, are you seeking to change to a different student age group?

Major Achievements for a Teachers Aide Resume

  • An understanding of how young people learn is vital to the work of a Teachers Aide, so highlight on your resume any achievements where you have been involved in tutoring or mentoring a student in any environment, with positive results.
  • Refer to any experience you have with implementing and monitoring educational programs and preparing instructional materials.
  • If you have positive experience of working with students with behavioural difficulties or special learning needs, mention this on your resume.
  • If you have successfully completed a professional development program that is particularly relevant to the job, you can also include this as an achievement.
  • Include achievements on your resume where you have contributed as a team member, such as contributing towards a positive classroom environment, building strong relationships with all members of the class, or helping to provide stability during a period of frequent teacher change.

Experience for a Teachers Assistant Resume

  • Always mention your experience in assisting with lessons, giving an indication of the degree of supervision you worked under and the kind of lesson plan you were responsible for implementing. Also mention the age range, size and type of class that you worked with.
  • Describe on your resume how you as a Teachers Assistant have supported the teacher's instructional work on a day-to-day basis, for instance listening while students read, reviewing or reinforcing class lessons, or helping students to locate information for papers.
  • Did you provide individualised attention? If so, describe the type of students you were working with and what your goals were.
  • Teachers Assistants have a "hands-on" role, so do mention your experience of motivating and involving students by demonstrating activities or creating displays or special exercises, setting up special projects, or preparing equipment or exhibits.
  • Mention any specialised experience you have in certain subject areas, for instance science or math. Also, include experience of working with students on computers and educational software programs.
  • Your ability to recognise and evaluate student progress is important. Your list of duties on your resume needs to include your responsibility for observing and monitoring student behaviour and learning progress within the classroom, and reporting your observations back to the teacher or supervisor.
  • Indicate whether you were involved in assessing homework tasks and assignments, delivering tests, recording grades, etc. These duties involve a higher level of responsibility.
  • Student behaviour is a crucial aspect of the educational process. Describe your level of involvement with encouraging good group behaviour and dealing with instances of misdemeanour.
  • Clerical and non-instructional duties are important, as there are occasions when a Teachers Assistant will need to assist or even be wholly responsible for administrative duties, such as adding to and organising student files, keeping health and attendance records, etc.
  • Include supervisory duties in non-academic settings, such as overseeing the students during lunch and recess breaks, or accompanying students on field trips.
  • Be sure to introduce your personal characteristics when describing work experience. When referring to certain duties, you can mention that they were completed in a manner requiring sensitivity, creativity, good communication and writing skills, imagination, etc.
  • Finally, highlight any experience in your resume that could make you stand out, such as working with special needs pupils, or any particularly active planning role you may have enjoyed with the classroom teacher.
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