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On this page you will find a CV / resume example that was prepared by Bradley CVs. Please check out our FREE Report: How to dramatically improve your CV.

To get to an interview you need a CV / resume that really catches the reader's eye. The layout must be clear and simple, enabling the reader to find the information they need quickly. You probably only have 20 to 30 seconds to attract the reader's attention. So anything too elaborate, such as flowery borders will just detract from your content.

It's vital that the words used in your CV / resume really make the reader want to meet you and to invite you to that all-important interview. Your CV / resume is your sales document to a recruiter / employer and if it fails to sell you then it will probably end up in the bin and hence no interview. To ensure your CV achieves the interviews you desire, please see our Professional CV Writing Service.

When you print out your CV / resume you must use a good quality printer and paper (Bradley CVs uses a laser printer and Conqueror Paper). Always use a paper colour that is easy to photocopy such as brilliant white, cream or vellum. The CV / resume example below uses a white background to minimise the amount of toner/ink that you will use if you print it out.

Please note that this CV / resume example layout is not appropriate for everyone - if you get Bradley CVs to produce your CV for you we will use the most appropriate layout for you. How would we improve your CV? See our Free CV Review.

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