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What should be listed on a kindergarten / preschool teacher resume?

While there are certain common factors that teachers of all categories will wish to include in their resumes (please see our article: general advice for teachers), much of the material you include will need to be tailored to the special nature of teaching at kindergarten / preschool level. Below you will find some guidelines on how to portray your specific experience to best advantage.

The focus of your resume as a preschool or kindergarten teacher should be on the vital role you play in the development of children and the skills and personal qualities that equip you for that role. You will need to strike an appropriate balance between your focus on the development and welfare of the children in your class and your ability to work closely with fellow teachers and other childcare professionals.

Examples of responsibilities for a preschool / kindergarten teacher resume:

  • (For preschool teachers): Utilising play and interactive activities to develop language and vocabulary, introduce scientific and mathematical concepts and improve social skills.
  • (For kindergarten teachers): Combining play and interactive activities with an increasing focus on early academic learning, including letter recognition, phonics, numbers and an awareness of science and nature.
  • Planning and organising a range of individual and group activities, including role play, movement, dance, singing, games, arts and crafts and nature activities.
  • Planning the indoor and outdoor environment to provide a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Using creative and practical skills to prepare inspiring learning materials.
  • Monitoring and reporting on children's development and identifying those with possible learning difficulties, consulting other professionals where appropriate.
  • Communicating effectively with parents about their children's development.
  • Dealing creatively and effectively with any problem situations that may arise.
  • Ensuring that the health and safety of children and staff is maintained at all times, both inside and outside the classroom environment.

You should also emphasise any responsibilities that may set you apart from other applicants for your desired role, such as working closely with children with special needs, educational challenges or English as their second language. Specify too the type of environment in which you have taught and stress aspects such as working with wide cultural diversity or major disciplinary issues, as appropriate.

Samples of personal qualities / skills for a kindergarten / preschool teacher resume:

The personal qualities and skills you choose to highlight in your resume should reflect the fact that the children in your care learn largely at this stage through play and interactive activities.

Your creative and nurturing qualities in particular will therefore be of relevance. Below are some thoughts on the type of information you may wish to include about your qualities and abilities:

  • The ability to use clear communication techniques and to create a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment.
  • The ability to transmit enthusiasm and to foster children's appetite for learning.
  • An imaginative approach, with highly developed creative and practical skills.
  • A sensitivity to the needs and feelings of young children, combined with the ability to establish a positive relationship with parents and other professionals.
  • A sound understanding of early childhood development and an awareness of problems that can interfere with normal development.
  • Energy, stamina and resourcefulness.

And finally ...

Finally, be sure that your resume imparts a passion for early years education and a clear awareness of the responsibility you carry for building children's knowledge and confidence and providing them with a positive view of themselves and the world.

Sample Teacher Resume (general advice for all teachers)

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