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Free tips and examples / samples for an elementary teacher resume.

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There is plenty of other general advice on this website that would help you put together your elementary school teacher resume, including samples / examples and cover letters.

What to put in a elementary school teacher resume

While there are certain responsibilities and personal qualities that will be common to the resumes of teachers of all categories (see our article: general advice for teachers), you will need to tailor your resume to reflect the specific nature of teaching at elementary school level. We provide below some thoughts on how you can showcase your experience to best advantage.

You will need to clarify whether your experience at elementary school has followed the regular model of instructing one class in several subjects, or whether you have taught one special subject to a number of classes. You will also need to indicate the age range(s) with which you have worked, as well as providing an indication of the type of school environment in which you have operated - how large, how culturally diverse, the range of issues and problems encountered, etc.

Elementary teacher resume samples of responsibilities to list in your resume:

  • Introducing a broad range of subjects and developing students' numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Organising learning resources and the classroom environment at elementary school to facilitate a positive learning experience.
  • Identifying children's individual and collective learning needs and planning, preparing and delivering instruction that caters for the full ability range within the class.
  • Employing a variety of teaching methods designed to capture students' interest and maximise individual learning.
  • Developing and implementing enrichment programs for academically advanced children and remedial programs for students requiring extra assistance.
  • Fostering appropriate skills and social attitudes in elementary school students.
  • Gaining the confidence and trust of children, parents and fellow professionals.
  • Assessing, recording and communicating student progress.
  • Organising and supervising the work of parent volunteers.

Elementary school teacher resume examples of skills / qualities to put in your resume

The personal qualities and skills you include in your elementary teacher resume should reflect your focus on both the instruction and the personal development of your students and the combination of teaching and nurturing abilities that this requires.

Below are some samples / examples of the type of information you might wish to include on an elementary school teacher resume:

  • A talent for fostering children's appetite for learning and for motivating them through enthusiastic, imaginative presentation.
  • High levels of creativity and resourcefulness, combined with strong planning and organisational skills.
  • Highly developed communication skills.
  • A genuine interest in children and respect for their individuality.
  • The ability to establish positive relationships with parents and other professionals.
  • Energy, drive and stamina.

You should also include any relevant information on particular subject strengths, such as music, drama, foreign languages or IT skills, which might distinguish you from other applicants for the roles you are targeting at an elementary school, together with details of any specific school-wide responsibilities accorded to you as a result of those talents.

Sample Teacher Resume (general advice for all teachers)

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