Free Psychometric Test

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Free Psychometric Test and Results

Employers will frequently ask you to take a psychometric test as part of the application process or during their interview process.

Whilst recruitment consultants will also use psychometric testing as part of their overall recruitment process on behalf of their clients (the employers).

Free Psychometric Test and Results

When you try out the free psychometric test you'll find out what employers will learn about you and discover the interview questions they may ask that will catch you out.

Employers use psychometric testing to uncover the personality of job applicants. This can aid them in their decision about who to interview (in conjunction with either a CV or an application form) and who to offer the job to (in conjunction with other tests and also a job interview).

It's certainly a good idea to practice taking psychometric tests, so you become familiar with the questioning style and get used to answering the actual questions themselves quickly. There is usually a time limit for completing the tests (especially if you are taking the tests online) - so you don't want to waste any time.

When you're completing a psychometric test, there are no wrong or right answers to the questions in a test. You should always try to answer the questions as honestly as possible and don't try to second guess what an employer is looking for - you may be completely wrong!

There are often several questions on a similar theme sprinkled throughout the test, to test the consistency of your answers, which will also indicate a level of confidence in your answers.

How Do Employers Use The Results of Psychometric Tests?

Most employers only use psychometric test results as a guide or indication of the personality of an applicant, and will use them in conjunction with other tests, plus normally either a face-to-face or telephone job interview.

You are unlikely to be ruled out of a job based solely on the results of a psychometric test, unless the results show that you have completely the wrong personality for the type of job you are applying for.

What is more likely is that the employer will want to check how closely you match the 'ideal' personality for the job itself. The employer may determine what they feel are the essential personality characteristics and which are desirable - they may do this on their own or with the psychometric testing provider.

At the job interview, the employer may ask you a series of questions based on the 'ideal' personality for the job or based on the results of your own psychometric test. Either way, they're looking to see how closely you match the essential and desirable personality traits.

This is why it's important to take a free psychometric test yourself now, so that you can see the results that will be produced. You can then prepare for the sort of questions that you may then be asked at an interview, so that you're not caught out by the interviewer.

Once the employer has conducted the job interviews with all of the candidates, they will then analyse the results of the interviews in conjunction with the results of the psychometric tests (and any other tests).

Some employers will give more weight to the interview part of the process, others may give equal weight and some may even favour the psychometric test.

Free Psychometric Testing

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You can also use these results to help you improve your CV by injecting your own personality into your CV.

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