How to Write a CV

The 53 articles below show you how to write a CV for a wide variety of different jobs / professions. You'll learn how to focus on the unique skills, attributes, training and experience that will qualify you for a job. You'll discover what to highlight and research and which format to use to make employers want to invite you for a job interview.

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General Articles on How to Write a CV

The 5 articles below give you general advice about how to write a CV, telling you about the various formats and the different types of CV. Further down, you'll find 48 articles detailing specific jobs / professions.

CV Format

The type of format you use for your CV can affect whether you are called for an interview or not. Here we explain how each layout can differ and how the emphasis on certain sections and the way they are presented, can make a huge difference.

CV Personal Statement

Learn how to grab the attention of your potential employer in the first 30 seconds with your Personal Statement. Discover how to structure and prioritise your skills to create impact.

How to Write a Good CV

Writing an outstanding CV can be a really daunting task. This how to write a CV guide highlights all the important sections that you should think about including on your CV, based on our experience as professional CV writers. There are lots of useful tips on effectively presenting yourself as the ideal candidate.

Functional CV

A functional CV might be better for your circumstances. Read about when this type of CV would be appropriate and how to organise your information to create a positive impression.

Skills Based CV

Read how a skills-based CV might be more suitable for certain professions. Learn what to prioritise and how to list your skills to create the right impression.

How to Write a CV for Specific Professions

The 48 articles below, give you more specific information about what to include and how to write a CV for a specific type of job or profession.

Accountant CV

Discover how to impress your potential employers with your powerful achievements and attention grabbing profile in your accountant's CV (for private practice).

Accounts Assistant CV

Find out how to write a CV for an accounts assistant in this guide and what makes you stand out.

Actor CV

An actor/actress' CV is quite unique compared to a CV usually required for other occupations. Learn how to structure your CV and see how different it should be.

Admin CV / Administrator CV

Do you know how to highlight your superb organisational skills as an administrator? This article will guide you through each section of your CV.

Assistant Accountant CV

Discover the correct way to write an assistant accountant's CV and how to highlight your strengths to impress an employer.

Banking CV

Many candidates from all backgrounds apply for jobs in banking. Discover how to write a CV if you work in banking and make your CV stand out.

Business Analyst CV

Can you clearly present your business consulting and IT skills to make your business analyst CV outstanding? Read how to highlight your personal strengths in each section of your CV.

Care Assistant CV

Make your care assistant's CV reflect all your capabilities for this vital role in healthcare.

Chef CV

Make your accomplishments in the kitchen work for you on your chef's CV. We show you how to create an impact when writing about your achievements and qualities.

Civil Engineer CV

Learn how to write a CV for a civil engineer, which presents the writer with a number of interesting challenges. We will explain how to deliver your message powerfully and effectively.

Contractor CV

The consultant or contractor's CV will be filled with lots of short-term positions. We will show you how to make your CV effective when applying for new contracts.

Credit Controller CV

Your credit controller's CV needs to address employer's concerns. In this guide, you will discover how to impress them with your career history and to make an impact with your achievements.

Customer Service CV

A customer service CV must show your ability to deal successfully with the general public. Find out how to write a CV, including the other important skills you must list.

Electrician CV

Read how to convey your practical skills on your electrician's CV so they really get you noticed.

Engineering CV

This guide will enable you to write a strong engineer's CV, which includes all your skills and achievements.

Events Manager CV

Learn how to make the events manager's CV promote your management abilities and convey your organisational skills effectively.

Executive CV

Once you are at management level, your executive CV takes on a different dimension. Discover how to write a CV that will promote your experience and achievements.

Facility Maintenance Manager CV

A facility maintenance manager's CV should demonstrate the range of skills and knowledge to be efficient in this role. We show you how to convince the employer that you have the necessary credentials.

Fashion CV

A fashion CV covers a wide range of opportunities in many different sectors. Learn how to be one step ahead of the competition.

Finance Manager or Director CV

Does your finance manager's CV or finance director's CV contain all the essential skills for this role? Find out how to assure the employer you have the outstanding ability and proactive personality to create an impact with your CV.

Financial Accountant CV

In this guide, we will show you how to make your financial accountant's CV reflect your analytical capability and solid financial knowledge, so that your appointment will be an advantage to the company.

Graduate CV

It can be difficult putting together a graduate CV, as you have limited work experience. Find out how to write a CV for a graduate and what employers are looking for in your CV.

Graphic Design CV

How much of your creativity should be shown on your CV without distracting from the vital information? Find out how to impress with your graphic design CV.

IT Consultant CV

An IT consultant's CV has to present all the technical and consultancy skills in a succinct way. Discover how to make your CV effective enough to promote you as the best candidate.

IT Manager CV

Discover how to write a CV that combines your technical expertise and managerial skills to produce an impressive CV.

IT Programmer CV

The demand for IT Programmers or IT Developers continues to grow. Can you make your CV distinctive from all the other IT CVs that recruiters receive?

IT Sales CV

Make your IT Sales CV effectively sell you to your next potential employer.

Legal CV

Can your legal CV promote you further in the legal profession? Read how essential it is to include all your quantifiable achievements.

Management Accountant CV

The management accountant's CV can be a complex document as there is so much information to include. Here, we will guide you through the best way to display your exemplary accounting skills and how to demonstrate your solid management achievements.

Management Consultant CV

Your management consultant's CV needs to contain evidence of your management knowledge and experience to convince employers that you are worth the salary. Find out how to make your management consultant's CV outstanding.

Management CV

Discover how to write a CV for a management position, creating a powerful working document to reflect your skills and capabilities.

Managing Director CV

Find out how to make your powerful leadership and managerial skills highlight your brilliant achievements in a successful Managing Director's CV.

Marketing CV

Make your marketing CV reflect your personality and achievements effectively to get you noticed.

Marketing Manager CV

Learn how to market your creative skills and show your ability to thrive when tackling new challenges in your marketing manager's CV.

Mechanical Engineering CV

Do you know how to combine important technical information with your personal qualities and strengths? Read this guide to make your mechanical engineering CV work for you.

Medical CV

A medical CV can be quite detailed and complex depending on your position and responsibilities. Learn how to highlight your skills and find out what is essential to include.

Nursing CV

Make your nursing CV promote all your skills and experience to make you stand out from the competition.

Project Manager CV

Unsure about including all those different projects and small contracts you have ever worked on? Discover what the employers are looking for and how to successfully convey your skills.

Receptionist CV

Learn how to write a CV that convey your personality as a great receptionist and create maximum impact with your receptionist's CV.

Retail CV

Effectively sell yourself as the best candidate with your retail CV. Find out how to impress with your excellent performance and results.

Sales Assistant CV

Make your sales assistant's CV work for you and successfully market your best selling points to a potential employer.

Sales Director CV

As a dynamic leader, your CV should display many important skills and achievements. Find out what is essential to include in a top Sales Director's CV!

Sales Executive CV

You may excel in selling your product or service, but do you have the ability to successfully sell yourself on your sales executive's CV? Discover the important features to promote on your CV.

Sales Manager CV

Create an immediate impact with your sales manager's CV and see how to make your achievements work for you.

Sales or Purchase Ledger Clerk

Find out how to write a CV that makes your attributes as an employee, as well as your regular duties as a sales or purchase ledger clerk, make you stand out.

Site Manager CV

A site manager's CV needs to be targeted towards the project you are applying for. Learn how to prioritise your key skills and achievements.

Technical Writer CV

Identify your key strengths and ensure you include other skills besides your technical skills in your technical writer's CV. We tell you which are the important qualities that candidates often miss out.

Truck Driver CV

There are particular skills and abilities that employers are looking out for on a truck driver's CV. We will help you highlight your achievements and examine which format is most suitable for your CV.

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