Factors that can Ruin Your Interviews and Cost You Job Offers

Stress and poor interview preparation are two major factors that cause a lot of people to fail at a job interview.

Job interviews are stressful at the best of times. Even the most confident of people will suffer a little from nerves. It is fair to say that unless very skilled, the interviewer will also be apprehensive!

Stress is typically caused or compounded by the fear of the unknown. The solution is simply to remove or reduce that fear of the unknown.

Stress will also be interpreted as nervousness, which in turn can make you sound like a blithering idiot - all easily avoided with the correct preparation.

How to Improve Your Interview Performance

Assuming you have adequately prepared for the unexpected your confidence will be at its highest and you will perform with your head held high!

Things That Can Go Against You

As a general rule you will not be seen as suitable if you are indecisive, illusive, negative or antagonistic. When answering questions try to avoid:

The Major Reasons For Not Getting Job Offers:

Although not an exhaustive list by any means the content above is worthy of some thought and consideration when applying and being interviewed for that new job.

It's a daunting proposition at best so here at Bradley CVs we have developed a series of bespoke telephone interview coaching sessions that cover every aspect of being interviewed.

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