How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You Noticed

Today's job market is more competitive than ever, so it is important to produce an outstanding cover letter.

Your letter / email must accompany your professional CV and ultimately get your application noticed.

Your cover letter is your only chance to initially impress potential employers with your experience, skills and achievements.

It should entice the reader to want to read your CV and find out more about you.

In this section, you will find valuable advice on producing a cover letter for email applications as well as postal applications.

You'll get useful tips on what to include and what to leave out, as well as how a cover letter should be presented.

Your cover letter must give a favourable first impression of you, so it is vitally important that you spend time on it to get it just right.

How Your Cover Letters Can Kill Your Job Chances

You may be surprised by the mistakes people often make with their cover letter. Mistakes that really can cost them job interviews. Find out if you are making any of these mistakes yourself and learn how to prevent your cover letter being eliminated straight away by an employer or recruiter.

Do You Still Need a Cover Letter?

Many online applications just ask for a CV to be submitted, so it can be difficult to determine if you should still include a cover letter with your application. Read about what to do in this situation - getting it wrong can mean that you'll get fewer job interviews, so make sure you know what you should do.

How to Write a Cover Letter (for Postal Applications)

Postal applications are still occasionally favoured by some employers. Do you know how to construct a formal cover letter without repeating sections of your CV? What should you include and how can you sell yourself and make an employer really want to meet you?

How to Write a Covering Letter (for Online Applications)

Learn about the different formats for your cover letter and how the wording should be different for a direct application compared to a website upload. Getting this right will mean more interviews and getting it wrong will mean fewer interviews.

Cover Letter Examples

Here we show cover letter examples in response to advertisements featured in a newspaper. See how to format your cover letter and what you should include within the letter itself to entice an employer to want to meet you for an interview.

How to Write a Letter

This guide will help you with the basic rules of letter writing etiquette, which are just as important as the message you want to convey. You need to set out a cover letter in a certain manner.

How to Produce a Good Cover Letter

It isn't easy trying to promote yourself in your cover letter. Learn how to effectively impress the employer with your cover letter by learning how to write a cover letter that will get you noticed immediately.

How to Start, End and Address a Cover Letter

If you don't know how to address, start or end your cover letter this handy guide will quickly tell you. So the next time you have to write a cover letter, you will know exactly what to put.

Professional Cover Letter

Get ahead and save yourself time by having a professional cover letter written for you. We have the experience and professional knowledge to successfully produce a superior cover letter for you that will really grab an employer's attention and make them want to invite you to an interview.

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