CV Writing Tips: How to Write a CV That Will Successfully Win You the Vital Job Interviews That You Desire

This CV writing tips section will give you the confidence to significantly improve your own CV.

You'll learn about different CV formats, how to produce a great profile and outstanding achievements, plus discover what employers are looking out for and how to make your CV really stand out.

Obviously, it can take a lot of time to produce a well-written CV. If you want a CV that will create immediate impact and gain you those all-important job interviews now, then a professional CV writing service from an experienced company like Bradley CVs can make a massive difference.

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How do I decide on the correct format for my CV ?

There are many different ways to set out a CV. Choosing the correct format can be daunting when it comes to creating that crucial first impression. Which CV format will work best for you? This guide clearly explains the various formats and how some layouts will be better suited for your CV.

For further help formatting and expertly writing your CV please take a look at our highly effective professional CV examples. These example CVs / resumes will show you how to get an employer to immediately take notice of your CV.

How to write a spectacular profile and achievements that instantly grab an employer's attention

To convince an employer that you are the right candidate for the job has to be done in a succinct and captivating style. You must quickly grab an employer's attention by learning how to write a profile / summary for your CV - you only have a limited number of words to highlight your personality, capabilities and potential.

Writing about past achievements in your career is an essential element of an excellent CV. Highlighting your achievements on your CV will improve your chances of gaining an interview. Your achievements must immediately draw attention to you as an important individual to be considered.

Our Free CV Example shows you how to set out your Profile and achievements, so you'll win the interviews you desire.

Making your career history a valuable part of your CV

Your career history is vital whether you are in your early stages of work or have many years of experience. Impress employers with your career history and learn how to make this section striking by including inspiring statements.

Then take a look at our Excellent Example CV to see how to create a career history that will have the impact you want - this CV secured a job with a major record label.

Including Qualifications and training courses

Achieving qualifications and going on training courses are all excellent attributes to include in your CV. Deciding on which ones are relevant for your application and where they should be located on your CV needs careful consideration.

Our guide: Which qualifications / training courses add value to your CV, will help you decide what to include and what to exclude.

What personal details and interests should you include?

Some personal information is essential to include in your CV, especially your contact details. But what personal details and interests should you include on your CV? Always remember to check how you will be perceived by the interests and hobbies that you list.

What should you leave off your CV?

There are so many details that you want to write in your CV, that it is very easy to overlook these basic errors that could cost you that desired job interview.

Ten things to leave out of your CV will guide you through the various pitfalls, helping you write a more successful CV.

There's our follow-up article ten more things to leave out of your CV and you can also view examples of good and bad CVs to see what to include and what to leave out of your new CV.

How to write an impressive cover letter

A carefully written CV should be accompanied by an equally impressive cover letter.

Learn how to write a cover letter that gets you noticed and how it can really enhance your CV.

Would a functional or targeted CV work for you?

There are many options to consider before you even start to produce your CV. One of them is whether to set out your capabilities and skills as a functional CV or a targeted CV or is there another choice?

This section will guide you through what to include in your functional or targeted CV?

Think ahead and post your CV online

It is always important to make your CV work for you. There are lots of opportunities to get yourself noticed and it could be to your advantage if you post your CV online when your searching for a job on the web.

A final check list for that brilliant CV

Never rush the final stages of producing your CV as that is where mistakes can be made. Read our top 10 tips for producing a better CV as a summary after all your hard efforts.

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