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The free CV example / resume example on this page illustrates how you can quickly turn an ineffective original CV into a great new CV (see below), plus there's advice on how to swiftly create your own interview-getting CV.

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The New CV by Bradley CVs

The new CV created by our pro CV writers enabled David to win the job interviews that he craved.

Free CV Example by Bradley CVs
free CV example and resume example by Bradley CVs

The Original CV

This ineffective original CV was transformed into a great new CV (see below the original CV) by our CV writing service.

Personal details on the CV examples have been altered to preserve the privacy of our clients who agreed to us sharing their CVs with you.

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How to Improve Your CV / Resume

Below, we've include tips from our FREE Report: How to drastically improve your CV, which should help you transform your own CV and win more job interviews.

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