Sample CVs UK and International (Before and After Case Study)

Our sample CVs show you how to quickly transform a lacklustre CV into a great interview-winning CV - see the before and after CVs below, plus you'll discover how to significantly improve your CV and get more interviews.

After viewing the CVs below, you may want to take a look at either our Example CVs or there's also a Graduate CV Example - both samples demonstrate how to produce CVs that land interviews.

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Original Sample CV

Below you will find the original sample CV and further down the page the new CV - note the copyright statement only appears on CVs on our website, it doesn't appear if you get your professional CV written by Bradley CVs.

All personal details on the sample CVs have been changed to protect the client's identity.

Critique of Ian's CV by Bradley CVs


Ian needed a new CV that would quickly win him interviews, as he was about to get married and would then be relocating to a different part of Scotland.

His existing CV wasn't getting him the interviews that he urgently needed, as his original CV didn't reflect everything that he had to offer an employer.

He therefore need a powerful CV that would swiftly win him the interviews that he badly needed.

General Mistakes:

Profile / Summary:

Major Achievements:


Education and Qualifications have been placed before Work Experience on Ian's CV.

In Ian's particular case Education and Qualifications should go after his Work Experience. Please note that this decision will depend on your own particular circumstances - so please get professional advice if you're unsure.

Work Experience:

There are long blocks of text, which make it difficult to read Ian's CV quickly. These blocks of text need to be broken up by adding in more blank lines and bullet pointing the sentences within each job to make it easier to read Ian's CV.

The work experience needs to be rewritten in a much more punchy style that makes you really want to meet Ian and invite him to that vital job interview.

New Sample CV by Bradley CVs

This sample CV allowed Ian to quickly relocate after getting married (his original goal), as the new CV successfully secured the interviews that had eluded his previous CV and he then converted these to a job offer.

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