Manager CV Sample

The sample of a manager's CV below, shows you how to set out and expertly write a CV for either a manager or a director level position, plus you'll also find tips to improve your own CV.

Our Example CVs page also features this same manager CV sample, and shows you exactly how the weak original CV was expertly rewritten by Bradley CVs, allowing the client to secure the new job they so badly wanted.

The Sample CVs include a before and after case study and highlight how to turn a badly laid out and poorly written CV into a first-rate CV that successfully won plenty of interviews.

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Manager / Director CV

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How to Improve a Manager's CV

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Target the vacancies you're applying for

As a manager you're likely to face fierce competition when you apply for management jobs, as there may be 100s of other applicants depending on how desirable the job is - so you must stand out!

Most applicants will just send exactly the same CV to every job vacancy they apply for, so you can stand out by tailoring your CV to each individual vacancy.

For example our manager's CV sample above focuses almost solely on the fund-raising skills (especially in the Major Achievements section), even though this role also encompasses a wide range of other important skills and abilities.

The reason for this very narrow focus is because fund-raising is what employers (in this case charities) are most interested in.

Employers don't want to know about everything that the job encompasses, what they really want to know about is what difference you'll make (in this case it's the actual fund-raising activities that are of interest).

Your own CV needs to do exactly the same, you must analyse what your 'potential client' (an employer / recruitment agency) wants to know about you, in terms of skills, experience and achievements.

Your CV must then persuade them that you have all the skills and experience required to perform the job and that you are better than all the other applicants - you will only have a chance of gaining an interview if you can produce a CV like this.

Get your CV layout right

The manager CV sample above uses a simple straightforward layout, because over complex layouts and graphics can be off-putting to an employer and may lead to your application being rejected.

Employers need to quickly find the information they need when deciding whether to interview you or not.

Remember also that the layout is only one component - how you use the words on your CV matter even more, because you must be able to sell yourself to an employer to gain an interview - more on this in a minute.

Identify your 'real' achievements

As a manager you're accountable for achieving defined targets / objectives, solving problems, managing staff, etc.

To stand out from rival applicants you must identify what you have actually achieved, as employers want to pick up your CV and be able to see immediately what you can do for them, based on what you have done in past jobs.

Although employers know past performance is no guarantee of future success, to stand a fighting chance must employer will still plump for someone who can demonstrate 'real' achievements, compared to someone who can't!

If you're really struggling to identify any major achievements, then a CV service can analyse your career and identify you've achievements - most people are completely shocked by how many major achievements are uncovered.

Don't sell yourself short

Your CV must sell you and all you have to offer using persuasive compelling language directly to employers if you want to land an interview.

You can't be shy on your CV, even if you are in real life, because you only get one chance with your CV to impress an employer - if it doesn't command their attention you'll be overlooked and they'll just move onto the next CV.

If you can't write in a persuasive manner, then it's imperative that you seek out a CV writing service, as your existing CV will be easily dismissed when you are up against 100s of job applicants in sought after management jobs.

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