Outline to make a resume - free resume outline example

In this free outline to make a resume, you will discover how to create a resume that will get you the interviews you desire. Your resume can be made up of various different sections which are used to illustrate everything a recruiter or prospective employer needs to know. Your resume is an essential marketing tool in the recruitment process. It is usually the first piece of information that future employers and recruiters read about you. Use language which will get them excited about the prospect of interviewing or even hiring you.

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In this free resume outline example you will find that there is a logical order to the different sections of your resume. For example, many people put details of their education on the first page. Yet this is only required if you have just left university or college. If you have been working for a while and looking for your third or fourth job in your career, even your second job if you were in your first one for a time, then this information is far more crucial to an employer than what degree you did. You can of course say that you are "Degree Educated" or "MBA Qualified" in the Profile. But in terms of ordering the information, get it right or pay the price. Ensure your Career History starts on the first page, otherwise recruiters and HR managers with 20 seconds to scan your resume, will flick straight to the next one in their inbox.

The general outline for a resume is:

In the following sections (on this page) we will take a look at what you should include in each of the above sections of your resume. Please note that if you have just left education then you may want to include the education section before the career history section, but this depends on whether your work experience is relevant to the job you are applying for.

Free resume outline examples

After you've taken a look at this free resume outline example you might want to take a look at our free resume examples (or you might want to have a look at them before reading the rest of this article), plus you might want to learn how a professional resume service can help you:

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Education, Qualifications & Training

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IT Skills (optional) - outline technical skills on your resume

Personal Details (optional on a resume)

References (optional on a resume)

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