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The excellent example CV / resume on this page was produced for Helen Shaw by Bradley CVs for the Guardian Newspaper's CV clinic. If you would like to see the original CV then please click here.

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Before we produced the CV we conducted a detailed telephone consultation with Helen. The telephone consultation lasted about 45 minutes, and we have only included a very brief summary below:

  • We identified Helen's career goals, as it is very important that each CV is tailored to the specific vacancies that you are applying for - this is crucial if you want to win as many interviews as possible.
  • Helen's work experience section needed to be rewritten - like the majority of people Helen didn't know what to include on her CV. As skilled interviewers we uncovered important information from Helen's work experience that Helen hadn't even thought about - this information would make an employer far more likely to want to interview Helen.
  • There were no achievements listed on Helen's CV - you need to tell employers about the benefits of employing you. Most people seem to struggle with identifying and writing about their achievements - something that our CV writers are very used to doing. As part of our consultation we uncovered a number of really excellent achievements that would make her CV stand out from a pile of 100 or more CVs.
  • A CV's profile section is very important, as it is one of the first things that an employer will read. It is therefore vital that you identify what to put in your profile - get this wrong and no one will bother to read the rest of your CV! Helen's existing profile was really letting her down. Most people find it very difficult to be objective about themselves, we therefore analysed and evaluated Helen's experience, skills and abilities.
  • Plus, we also identified crucial information that Helen had left off her CV - there are some things that only a trained interviewer can spot!

Following the telephone consultation we produced a CV that would do real justice to Helen's unique talents (if you want to get interviews and beat the other applicants then you need to convey what you specifically have to offer an employer). Below, you will find a brief summary of what we did:

  • Helen's original profile was really letting her down, so we completely rewrote it, injecting Helen's experience, skills and enthusiasm for the music industry, which came across very clearly during the telephone consultation . This new profile will now make an employer take notice of Helen's CV.
  • A new major achievements section was added, highlighting Helen's excellent achievements, which had been uncovered during our telephone consultation. Your achievements make you stand out, so you need to make the most of them to attract attention to your CV.
  • The work experience section had to be rewritten to conveyed more about her transferable skills and experience, again, this had been identified during the consultation. You need to tell an employer on your CV about the specific experience and skills that you can bring to a new job.
  • The original CV was very passive, so we used more active and action-centred words to describe Helen's experience, skills and achievements. It is best to come across as active, rather than just being seen as passive if you want to get a job.
  • There were quite a few basic mistakes on Helen's CV - mistakes that can cost you interview. These sort of mistakes are not always easy to identify - Helen was totally unaware of the mistakes on her CV. We corrected all these mistakes.

Below you will find the CV that Bradley CVs produced for Helen. Please note the copyright statement on the CV below does not appear on the CVs we produce for our clients - it is merely there to assert our copyright on this website. All Helen's personal details (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc) have been changed to protect her identity.

Helen was offered a job with the major record label EMI - we wish Helen good luck for her future career in the music industry.

Excellent example CV
Excellent example resume

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