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Sample CVs UK and International (Before and After Case Study)

The sample CVs on this page represent a before and after case study, showing you how our professional CV writers can quickly transform a lack-lustre CV into an interview-winning CV.

Below you will find an original CV (provided by Ian Smith, an Environment Protection Officer), a critique of this CV, a description of how the CV was transformed, followed by the new version of the CV produced by Bradley CVs. Please note that all personal details (address, telephone number, email address and date of birth) have been changed on the sample CVs to protect Ian's identity. Any advice given below relates solely to Ian's particular case and may not be applicable at all to your own circumstances. If you use our professional CV service then we will produce a CV for you that is tailored to your individual needs.

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Ian's Original CV

Critique of Ian's CV by Bradley CVs


  • Ian needs a new CV because he is due to get married soon and will be relocating to a different part of Scotland.


  • As a professional CV service, Bradley CVs receives CVs just like Ian's every day; it completely fails to grab your imagination and frankly sells Ian very short indeed.
  • Job vacancies matching Ian's experience and required salary level are hard to find in the part of Scotland that Ian is relocating to, which means that competition for any jobs that are advertised will be intense, so Ian needs the best possible CV that makes him stand out from the crowd.
  • One really good point in Ian's favour though is that he has lots of excellent experience that could be used in a number of different sectors - this doesn't come across as well as it should do on his CV - so Ian may be missing out on job opportunities solely because his CV doesn't sell him well enough.
  • There were a number of errors, omissions and extraneous details in Ian's CV. Careless errors can cause you to miss out on interviews as they demonstrate poor attention to detail. Whilst omissions and extraneous details can also cost you interviews.

Profile / Summary:

  • There is no profile / summary on Ian's CV, this is Ian's opportunity to sum up his experience, skills and abilities and tell an employer why they should employ him rather than someone else.
  • Like most people Ian finds it really difficult to identify what skills and abilities he should put in his CV, which is where a professional CV service, such as Bradley CVs can really help to analyse and evaluate what needs to go in the profile.

Major Achievements:

  • There is no major achievements section on Ian's CV - this is Ian's opportunity to shine and tell an employer what he has achieved in his career.
  • Ian needs to focus on achievements that have made a real difference to his previous employers, which will make his next prospective employer sit up and take notice of his CV.


  • Education and Qualifications have been placed before Work Experience on Ian's CV.
  • In Ian's particular case Education and Qualifications should go after his Work Experience. Please note that this decision will depend on your own particular circumstances - so please get professional advice on this issue.

Work Experience:

  • There are long blocks of text, which make it difficult to read Ian's CV quickly. These block of text need to be broken up by adding in more blank lines and bullet pointing the sentences within each job to make it easier to read Ian's CV
  • Most of the information that Ian needs to include in this section is already here, but it needs to be rewritten in a much more punchy style that makes you really want to meet Ian and invite him to that vital job interview.

Ian's new CV produced by Bradley CVs

To produce Ian's new CV we conducted an in-depth telephone consultation with Ian. The call lasted about 45 minutes, so we have only included brief details below:

  • We identified the type of jobs that Ian was planning to apply for - this is very important, because you need to ensure that your CV matches an employer's requirements, which is vital if you want to improve your chances of securing an interview.
  • When you talk to Ian on the phone he comes across as someone who really knows what he is talking about, in terms of his skills and experience, but these need to be conveyed properly and more accurately in his CV.
  • The Work Experience section clearly needed improving and a Major Achievement section needed to be added - Ian wasn't really sure what to include in his CV. As skilled interviewers, we identified numerous important details that Ian hadn't even thought about including, which would make an employer far more interested in inviting Ian for that all-important job interview.
  • There were no discernible achievements at all listed on Ian's CV, which meant that a prospective employer reading Ian's CV wouldn't be able to see all of the benefits from employing Ian. Like most people, Ian hadn't really thought about what achievements to include or even thought that he actually had any achievements. During the consultation with Ian we uncovered numerous hidden gems that could only really by identified by a skilled interviewer. These achievements (please see the CV below) will make Ian's CV stand out from the crowd - vital when you consider that an employer may receive 100s of CVs for every vacancy advertised.
  • The Profile is the first section that someone reads on a CV (after contact details). Deciding on what to put in your profile is therefore very important - if you get this section wrong then no one may bother to read the rest of your CV! We asked Ian a series of questions that uncovered Ian's major skills and abilities, this is where a professional CV service can really help you, because it is very hard to be objective about yourself.

Following the telephone consultation we set about producing a CV that would fully represent all that Ian had to offer a prospective employer. As everyone is unique, it is always very important that you convey what you especially have to offer an employer - otherwise you won't get ahead of all your many competitors to obtain that coveted job interview. Below, you will find a very brief summary of how Bradley CVs changed Ian's CV:

  • The Education / Qualifications section was moved to nearer the end of the CV, because once you've been working for a number of years this section becomes much less important than the Career History section.
  • We produced a profile, focusing on the main skills and abilities that we had identified during the telephone consultation. This will show what Ian has to offer an employer, which will make an employer take far more notice of Ian's new CV than his previous CV.
  • A new major achievements section was added and focused on the really good achievements that we had uncovered during the telephone consultation. You must include achievements, otherwise your CV won't stand out and your CV won't get you the attention (and the interviews) that you desire.
  • The Work Experience section was rewritten in a more punchy bullet-pointed style, making it much easier to read and more interesting as well. It's important that you tell an employer about your existing skills and experience that you will also be able to use in your new job.
  • Ian's previous CV contained a number of errors, omissions and extraneous details. These sort of things may cost you interviews and are not always easy for you to identify (Ian was not aware of any of these mistakes). With many years experience of writing CVs, we quickly identified and corrected these mistakes for Ian.

Please note that the copyright statement that appears on the CV below does not appear on the CVs produced by Bradley CVs professional CV service - it is merely there to assert our copyright on this website.

Ian has now relocated after getting married and successfully secured a new job - we wish Ian every success for the future.

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