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Free Resume Distribution Services

As well as trying the free resume distribution service listed below, we also recommend that you try one or more of the fee-based services, because this may double or triple your chances of securing a new job.

In addition, these services cost very little in relative terms when you consider how much a new job would be worth to you and they also save you a vast amount of your own precious time - resume distribution means that the jobs find you!

If your resume is letting you down then you may want to consider using a professional resume writing service to transform it into an interview-winning resume, otherwise you may not get any response at all!

Fee-based Resume Distribution Services

Why should you consider paying a fee for a resume distribution service:

  • Large reach, fee-based services have 1000's and 1000's of recruiters and employers signed-up to receive your resume.
  • Saves you time - you don't have to spend hours and hours applying for jobs, because recruiters / employers contact you directly.
  • Costs relatively little, when you consider how much a new job could be worth to you. But, make sure that your resume is not letting you down before you use a resume distribution service, otherwise you will be wasting your money. Please see "resume writing services - can they help you land a job?" if you feel that your resume is not as good as it could be.

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